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Writer’s Guidelines

Each issue of the Klal Perspectives Journal will center on one or more questions about a particular challenge facing today’s Torah communities, to be addressed by multiple contributors. A letters section will then appear in a future issue, providing an opportunity for readers as well as co-contributors to further explore the ideas that have been presented.

The goal of the journal is to promote a thorough appreciation of the multi-faceted challenges facing our communities and to develop a variety of possible approaches to confronting them. It is hoped that further steps can be taken towards implementing solutions based on the understanding reached through this process.


Articles should generally be between 1,500-3,000 words.

Submissions should be in Microsoft Word (or a compatible format) and sent by email to Please include your name, telephone number and a one-line bio with your submission. Please include a title for your article as well.

The Journal accepts any standard method of transliteration, provided that it is used consistently throughout the article. Words in Hebrew or Yiddish should always be italicized, and should be translated unless they are commonly used by English speakers.

Publishing Schedule

Articles are generally due within 4 weeks. After reviewing your submission, we may request clarification or other minor modifications. You should hear from us within 2-3 weeks. A revised copy may then be requested within another 1-2 weeks.