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Click for the audio of “Where is the Next Generation of Leadership Coming From?” A KP panel discussion at AJOP 2017

Click for the audio of “Cynics, Skeptics, Bloggers and the Intellectually Curious,” A KP panel discussion at AJOP 2017

Click for the video of: “Pressures, Burdens and Expectations: The New Family Dynamics of the 21st Century,” a KP panel discussion from January 2016.

KLAL PERSPECTIVES  is an electronic journal dedicated to addressing the unique challenges facing today’s Orthodox communities. Each issue consists of a symposium in which a diverse group of rabbinic and lay leaders share their different perspectives on a given topic.

Input from throughout the community is welcome so we can all work together to further the conversations and to develop broad-based strategies for meeting the challenges of our times. Email 

To view the Fall 2015 issue online,

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Our Previous Issues

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